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Kraut Workshop

What happens at a Kraut Workshop?

We all meet at my house, in my kitchen. There are four students, you’ll work in pairs. Every student gets a crock filled with equipment. Each work station has utensils and a food processor and fresh organic produce to make one crock of kraut. It’s a hands on workshop, we do it together. You go home with a batch plus your equipment and the know how to do it again.

A well gut has an optimal balance of microflora to aid digestion and fight pathogens, however many people don’t have healthy proportions of gut organisms. Instead many of us have a higher quotient of unfriendly parasites and bacteria taking up residence where friendly microorganisms should be prevalent instead. This imbalance develops over years, owing to wrong foods, (often generating leaky gut syndrome), overuse of antibiotics, xenobiotics as well as myriad environmental assaults. Emotions and stress will play a significant role as well in perpetuating an intractable cycle of diminished resistance of the gut to parasitic invaders.

One means of reestablishing healthy gut flora is to ingest more of the desirable critters. Certainly we must pay close attention to removing the causes of digestive dysfunction and do healing work to correct any chronic imbalance while simultaneously with supplying friendly bugs. There are various ways to supplement pre‐ and probiotics (friendly flora) for the digestive system, from encapsulated mixtures of microorganisms to kefir, kombucha, fermented vegees as well as other fermented food products. Only kraut or fermented vegees is pure live vegetarian whole food, there is almost no potential food intolerance, as might derive from kefir made of dairy or coconut milk, no excess sugar or alcohol, as from kombucha, and compared to encapsulated probiotics kraut is a whole foods source of friendly flora which the body can assimilate easily.

Beyond all that, it’s fun to make kraut and yummy as a snack all on its own or as a side dish to meat or other vegees. Make your own medicine, take charge of your health!

Cost: $65, includes workshop plus all equipment and organic produce.